Hey there! I'm Lauren Kilgore!


I'm the owner of the successful Etsy shop, BeautifulMesh, and Etsy coach at Handmade Sellers University. Want a quick and easy way to improve your own Etsy shop? Use my Etsy Shop Self-Audit worksheet to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) and get more eyes on your shop!


I've helped thousands of Etsy sellers over the years. 

And now YOU can use the exact process that I use to review shops and audit your own shop! I've broken down the elements into 12 main categories. These are THE important parts to focus on in your Etsy shop. No more guesswork!

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Use my proven formula for SEO!

Hint: SEO is more than just keywords. The success of your Etsy shop depends on more than just your items listed for sale! It is dependent on how you have your shop setup, the keywords you use, and how you are marketing your brand.

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Learn the important parts to focus on in your Etsy shop so you stop wasting time on things that don't matter!

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Audit your own shop for less than a third of what I charge sellers in my Etsy shop!

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