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The Top 5 Tips To Create a Bestseller In Your Etsy Shop


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Why selling OOAK (one of a kind) products on Etsy is the hardest way to use the platform

I know it sounds strange since Etsy is a handmade site and not a mass production facility but the algorithm loves products that resell over and over! Stop reinventing the wheel!


How to get MORE eyes on your shop

After all, more views usually means more sales. 


The advantages to having a bestseller in your Etsy shop

An item that resells over and over has financial benefits for sellers in ways they might not have thought about.


How to make consistent sales all year long

Stop the roller coaster ride and create products for your shop that can sell even during the "slow" periods.

This is a must attend if...

  • You want to know how to create a "multiple" or a "bestseller" in your Etsy shop
  • You've been trying for months or years to gain traction in your shop and nothing is really working
  • Your shop is not making consistent sales 

A Note From Lauren...

I wish that I had someone to guide me through what I needed to do to have a successful Etsy shop when I was first starting out. Instead I tried experiment after experiment and spent hours researching online. And it took me years to really get it going. But now it almost has a life of it's own. Now I can sit back and focus on creating, rather than all that technical "stuff". After all, that's why I got into this creative business! So give me an hour to give you some the inside scoop on how and why I became successful on Etsy. I promise not to waste your time! Lots of little nuggets of advice in this webinar! 


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