Create and optimize your Etsy shop in just 6 weeks

without the confusion, overwhelm, or extra time it takes to learn it all on your own

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Who is this program for?

  • Someone who wants to learn how to open an Etsy shop
  • Someone who wants to have an Etsy shop that is set up correctly and with all the aspects needed for proper SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Someone who doesn’t understand the “techie” side to Etsy
  • Someone who wants all the best information about Etsy in ONE place for easy reference 

How do you know you're ready for an Etsy shop?

You have at least one product to sell

All it takes is ONE item to open an Etsy shop. Stop thinking you need a giant inventory to start! In fact, it's better if you don't list too many items at once! Learn how it works first before listing too many! 


You've got a desire to create

Being an entrepreneur requires passion and drive. I'm not here to teach you that part. BUT I can teach you the rest - how the algorithm works, what makes a good shop, how to list items to get the most views, and alllll the techie stuff.

Why should you sell on Etsy if selling on Facebook already works for you??


Etsy is a marketplace of 80+ million shoppers. Buyers come to Etsy for the purpose of purchasing something. Individuals come to Facebook to use it as a social connection – not necessarily to purchase something.

Selling on Etsy gives you access to a new and larger market of shoppers. On Etsy, you can reach more price ranges and buyers with more styles and tastes.

If selling locally or on Facebook is working for you then keep doing it! Etsy doesn’t have to be INSTEAD OF. It can be IN ADDITION TO what you’re already doing.

It’s a way to expand the business you currently have! Who doesn't want more sales?


Handmade Sellers 101

Helping you to create your Etsy shop in 6 weeks, fully optimized for maximum visibility and sales.



The average conversion rate on Etsy is 1-3%. That means that for every 100-300 views in your shop you *should* get one sale. Therefore, one of the most important ways to get sales is to get eyes on your shop. This course will show you exactly how to set up your shop and listings in order to get a larger number of views in your shop.

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What's included in the Handmade Sellers 101 program?

The program will be a mixture of pre-recorded and live training during each of the 6 weeks in a private Facebook group. Resource tools and PDF handouts will also be available for you to download. We will have a live Q&A call each Friday to review the training from that week. You'll be able to ask any and all questions you have regarding your Etsy shop.


Program Layout

Module 1 - The Setup

Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. But this module will take away all those fears. 

Module Highlights:

  • How to name your shop
  • Finding a Business License
  • Registering for Sales Tax
  • Walk-thru of opening your shop
  • How to get paid from Etsy

Module 2 - The Winning Shop Framework

Certain sections of your Etsy shop are integral to improving your SEO (search engine optimization). I'll tell you what to put where and which is the most important to focus on.

Module Highlights:

  • About Section
  • Policies Section
  • Product Sections

Module 3 - Create a Listing Start to Finish

How to write your listings with SEO (search engine optimization) so that they can be found in Etsy search.

Module Highlights:

  • Listing Title
  • Listing Tags
  • Listing Description

Module 4 - Photography

How to improve your pictures to sell your products.

Module Highlights:

  • Photography Tips
  • Listing Pictures
  • Types of Shop Photos
  • How to Create Graphics with Canva

Module 5 - Shipping

When I ask creatives what their biggest fear is about an online store - shipping is usually #1! But it doesn't have to be scary!

Module Highlights:

  • Shipping Profiles
  • Shipping Labels
  • Free Shipping? Do I have to?


Module 6 - Shop Traffic

Once your shop is setup we can learn more ways to bring more traffic to your shop.

Module Highlights:

  • Increasing Views
  • Using Social Media
  • Sales and Coupons

If you’re a creative:

  • ready to FINALLY open that Etsy shop
  • OR maybe you're already a shop owner but you've only made a handful of sales and you aren't sure if you set it up correctly

Then Hi! I'm Lauren Kilgore, owner of Handmade Sellers University and BeautifulMesh LLC.

Look, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? That’s why I’m here. To tell you what you may be missing when it comes to setting up your Etsy shop.

No one comes to Etsy knowing how to do it all correctly at first. I definitely didn’t! My first few years I barely sold anything because I didn’t know what I was doing. I cringe at how much wasted time and money I spent trying to figure it all out! But I did my research and spent hours and hours learning and experimenting in my own shop.

Now you don't have to spend all that time like I did and you can skip to the front of the line! This program is based on my years of experience and research. With over 7,000 of my own sales and hundreds of successful past students, you're in good hands. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does lifetime sound? I will ensure that you can always download the videos and documents you need.

Most of the initial setup must be done through the Etsy website rather than the mobile app. You can use a browser on a mobile device but it will be a lot easier if you have a laptop of desktop. You'll thank me later. 

You will need access to the internet to view the videos and Facebook if you'd like to join the private group for Q&As. 

After surveying past students, I have decided that a weekly content release is most beneficial. So each week a new set of videos and trainings will be available for you to access. That way you don't get overwhelmed with too much information at once.

I know you will get a lot of valuable information in this course. But, if for whatever reason you are not happy please contact me at [email protected] within the first 14 days and I will refund you 100% of your money. So you’ve literally got nothing to lose :)

Money Back Guarantee

I know you will gain a lot of valuable information in this program. In just the first two modules you’ll have your shop open and most of the sections optimized. But, if for whatever reason, you don’t feel totally confident in your ability to create or improve your shop, simply reach out to me at [email protected] within those first 14 days and I will refund you 100% of your money and you can go back to your original plan. So you’ve literally got nothing to lose :) 

Enrollment for Handmade Sellers 101 is now closed.

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