Create an Optimized Shop Name, Open Your Shop, and Add Your First Listing!


February 1st, 2023 @ 11am ET


Join me for this $20 one-time workshop to get your Etsy shop open so you can take your local business to a broader audience and boost your sales! In just a few short hours you'll have a brand new way to increase your business! 
I'm ready to open my shop!

Create an Optimized Shop Name

You'll learn what makes a "good" shop name and what to avoid so that customers remember you and keep coming back! 

Open Your Shop

This is what you came for, right? I'll walk you step by step (and screen by screen) through setting up your shop for the very first time. 

Add A Listing

In order to fully open your shop you'll have to add at least one item so I'll show you how from start to finish.

Time is running out to join us!









Do You....

Want to create your own Etsy shop but when you sit down at your computer aren't sure where to start?

Feel overwhelmed about what you need to open your shop?

Sell well on Facebook or locally but are looking to take advantage of Etsy's 80 million built in customers around the country or maybe even around the globe?

Want to expand your reach and boost your sales in 2023 and beyond?

Then come to this workshop to open your Etsy shop once and for all and get it started right!


This success could be yours!

Have a local business, selling on Facebook but want to increase your audience and your sales? We'll walk through all the initial steps of creating a good shop name, walking through opening your shop, and listing your first item! In just a few short hours you can be on your way to a successful shop! When we're done you'll have at least one item listed and can easily add more!

Join Me And Let's Open Your Etsy Shop Together!

It's all happening February 1, 2023

This workshop will be presented live but will also be recorded so you can watch whenever you have the time! You can also pause and follow along with the recording at your own pace. For only $20 it's the perfect way to finally get that shop open and on your way to Etsy success! 

I'm ready to open my shop!