$47.00 USD

Tax Prep for Your Etsy Shop

Let's face it - Etsy's reporting stinks. 

They definitely don't make it easy to find out how much income you made or expenses you incurred. Every report is different and contains different information. 

As a former accountant this drives me crazy! So I set out to make it easier for all you non-accountants out there.

I will show you:

  • how to find the income and expense amount you need to give your CPA, tax preparer or whoever does your taxes
  • what deductions you can use in your small business so you can save money
  • a breakdown of all the different Etsy fees and where to find them
  • what paperwork you need to save and for how long
  • spreadsheets that you can use to track monthly expenses
  • bonus material on making sure your business is legit (banking, business licenses, sales tax, etc)
Disclaimer: This information is not meant to be a substitute for your own local CPA. I am not your CPA and I do not know your particular financial situation. I encourage you to find your own tax preparer but this information contained within will help you get the paperwork you need and also keep track of your own finances.