Tax Prep for Your Etsy Shop 

Are you prepared to file taxes for your Etsy shop? Do you know where to find your income and expenses in your shop reports? I know, I know.  I can hear the groans from here! But as a former accountant it is very important to me that you get it right! Let me break it all down for you step by step. This program covers how to get the numbers you need for both income and sales tax from your Etsy shop. 


Etsy's reporting stinks. Let me make it easier.


Listen, I love Etsy. It is hands down my favorite online platform for handmade sellers. BUT there is one part of the Etsy dashboard that I wish they would improve - reports. It's very confusing to get the information you need, even if you know what you're looking for. That's why I'm breaking it down for you - line by line, column by column so that you don't miss anything important. 

Taxes aren't everyone's cup of tea.

It's ok, I get it. I was an accountant for 20+ years (both in public and private accounting) so I love numbers. BUT I know I'm the oddball! It's why I created this program for you - so that tax time is easier and less scary! Then you can get back to doing what you do best - creating!

Imagine you could...

Have all the information you need at your fingertips so you can stop googling and trying to find answers.

Be more confident that you aren't missing any important deductions that could save you money! 

Make sense of Etsy's confusing spreadsheets and reports!


Tax Prep for Your Etsy Shop

Whether you do your taxes yourself or hand them off to a CPA or a friend - this program will show you how to find and organize the paperwork you need to be ready for tax time. After watching the videos you'll be able to easily go into your own Etsy account and get the numbers you need for income and expenses on your tax return. The spreadsheets I provide inside the program will help you keep track of your expenses easily!

Yes, I Want This!

You will discover how to...

Find the income and expense amounts you need to give to your CPA, tax preparer, or whoever does your taxes!
Learn what deductions you can take in your small business so you can save money come tax time!
Get a breakdown of all the different fees that Etsy assesses so that you don't miss out on any deductions.
Learn what paperwork you need to save (and for how long!) and the best way I've found to save it!
Access to custom spreadsheets for you to use to track monthly expenses and daily mileage for tax deductions.
Bonus material on making sure your business is legit when it comes to banking, business licenses, state sales tax and more.

Why do you need this?


I was an accountant for 20+ years (before I quit to run my Etsy shop full time) so taxes are an important topic to me! I hate to see the sellers miss out on important tax deductions that could save them a lot of money on their taxes! And I know that getting the information you need from Etsy can be confusing. So I created this program to break it all down for my fellow creatives!

What paperwork you need to keep and how to save it. In this first module I'll show you exactly what I keep for taxes and how I store it so that it's super organized! It's time for the shoe box of receipts to get an upgrade!

Common deductions and expenses. I want you to be able to use the most amount of deductions as possible on your taxes. No one likes to pay taxes! So I'm giving you a huge list of all the deductions I use so you can see what applies to your business. I've also included spreadsheets that you can use to track your expenses and mileage.

Etsy fees breakdown. Don't forget to use all the fees that Etsy charges as a deduction on your taxes. I'll show you a breakdown of all the possible fees and how to find them. 

How to get reports from Etsy. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Etsy's reporting stinks. So I'll break it down for you report by report, line by line, so you can get the information you need for your shop. 

How to get reports from other business sites. If you're like me, you have more sites than just your Etsy shop to find your income and expenses. That's why I'll show you how to get reports from Paypal, Square, and a few popular shipping sites.

Important deadlines. Stay on top of the most important deadlines when it comes to taxes.

Bookkeeping software recommendations. If you want to level up from the spreadsheets I provide in this program I'll show you the top bookkeeping sites that I recommend for small creative businesses.

Plus this bonus!

Get Legit!

Information on business licenses, sales tax, how to get a federal identification number, and business vs personal bank accounts.

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Hi! I'm Lauren Kilgore! I'm an accountant turned wreath maker turned Etsy strategist! I love to be able to use my accounting background to help other small businesses to be successful on Etsy. I have worked in both public accounting (helping to prepare taxes) and private accounting (for a small local business) and I do my own bookkeeping and taxes for my business. 



Here's Why You'll Love This Program

Quick and easy videos to watch and learn step by step from my computer. 

Checklists and cheat sheets to help you remember what you need.

Custom spreadsheets so you can track your income and expenses easily.

This Is For: 

  • Any seller on Etsy that needs help with preparing for taxes

This Is NOT: 

  • A course on how to complete a tax return or how to do monthly bookkeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I Want This!

Let me tell you an insider secret...

I worked in public accounting for several years and I can absolutely tell you that we charged the clients with messy records more than the ones who were organized. Why? Because we had to spend so much more time on their account. Not to mention that it's much easier to avoid missing deductions when the records are neat and orderly! Whether you do your taxes yourself or you hand them off to a CPA, this program will help you get organized so that you save time and money!

Tax Prep for Your Etsy Shop Program


  • 7 video modules
  • 1 bonus video module
  • Income and Expense tracker spreadsheets
  • Mileage trackerĀ 
  • Checklists, cheat sheets, and guides